Spotify family

Spotify Has Updated Its Family Plan’s Policy

The famous music streaming service, Spotify has updated their family plan policy. Users now will have to verify their address in order to use the family plan service. The company had to take this...

Facebook Data Leak affected 419 million users

Sanyam Jain, a security researcher, revealed an unprotected server that stores database containing 419 million phone numbers which belong to facebook users. The researcher is stating this data breach as five times bigger than...

Malicious Websites were used to Hack into iPhones for Years, says Google

When it comes to security, Apple always makes enormous claims about privacy and user security. Apple shows a deep interest in protecting its users from data breaching and viruses, but over a past few...

Uninstall These Two Apps From Your Android Right Now!!

Malware researches have found out two Android apps on Google play store with over 1.5 million downloads, using a hidden click fraud adware that decreases the performance of phones, increases data consumption and drains...
Jack Dorsey Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hacked!

Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, CEO, and founder of twitter got hacked and used as a medium to spread offensive, racial slur, bomb threats, and posts that go against the community guidelines. Twitter CEO Jack...
Google booted camscanner from playstore

Google Removed this Malicious App from Play Store

A recent report coming from Kaspersky researchers discovered that the CamScanner app contains a trojan virus that gives liberty to malicious software to run silently in the background. Igor Golovin and Anton Kivva say that...
Hackers Can Decode Your Passwords Just From The Sound Of Typing

Hackers Can Decode Your Passwords Just From The Sound Of Typing

Recently, researchers at Southern Methodist University in Texas have found that hackers can crack your passwords just by listening to the sounds of your keystrokes. The microphone of smartphones could allow hackers to figure...

How To Track Your Android Phone Without Installing Any App

There are many third-party apps available but this trick doesn't need any of them. I guess this will be the easiest trick you will know today to track down your misplaced or lost the...