Apple's Next iPhone Might Have These 2 New Features
Apple's Next iPhone Might Have These 2 New Features

Good news for iPhone lovers! The next iPhone might get some new features that you might have hoped to see this year.

We all know that Apple’s latest flagship phone that is iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus already arrived in the market and it is one of the hot topics in recent times. The next handset from Apple is expected to be iPhone 8.

However, one of the most reliable sources for Apple leaks, Nikkei claims that iPhone 8 could come with both wireless charging and a new display which is based on OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology.

However, these two features were also rumored for this year’s iPhone 7 but it never came to fruition. Many sources also claim that Apple has planned to release their next iPhone that might be iPhone 8 in their next year 10th Anniversary that will be in 2017.

Recent rumors also say that the next iPhone will be all covered with Glass that means users can tap anywhere on the screen according to their wish and the touch ID fingerprint sensor will rest below the iPhone’s screen.

Tai Jeng-we, President of Sharp, which is known for making OLED panels while speaking to Tatung University’s student said that iPhone is moving to OLED panels, reported by Nikkei.

The next feature that might be added to iPhone will be Wireless charging module. Nikkei reported that Chinese manufacturing company, Foxconn is already producing wireless charging module for their next iPhone. Nikkei’s sources claim that the release of wireless technology will “depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on.”

However, it will be too early to talk about any iPhone 8 rumors because just now iPhone 7 hit the market but one thing is for sure that something big is going to happen with the upcoming iPhone 8.