Facebook introduced Reactions on October 2015 and then launched them on February 24, 2016. It allows the users to respond to posts with different reactions while liking the post. Reactions were launched about couple of weeks ago, now we can customize these reactions with Pokemon, Anime, Donald Trump etc.

Now You Can Customize Facebook Reactions With Your Own Emojis

There is a new Browser Extension for Google Chrome and Firefox which allows the users to change the default emojis with a collection of customized reactions which includes different characters.


The developer namely Rodney Folz designed an extension with name as Reaction Packs which lets the Facebook users to use the customized collection of Facebook reactions. The users can replace the standard reactions with different emojis present on Reaction Packs Website. The customized reactions collection includes noted persons like US Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump and Prime Minister on Canada, Justin Trudeau.

How To Use Custom Facebook Reactions ?

So, we have mentioned some steps below that you will have to perform in order to replace the default reactions emoji on Facebook by using Chrome and Firefox Web Browsers :

  1. First of all open the Web Browser in your computer (It is supported on Chrome and Firefox only).
  2. Download the extension for | Chrome | Firefox and install it !
  3. Visit the website of Reaction Packs and pick any emoji collection that you want on your news-feed.
  4. Reload the Facebook Tab and Hover over like button, you will see the emojis which you selected from Reactions Packs Website.

Also, if you desire to customize the standard emojis with your own reaction pack, you can upload your own pack on Reactions Pack Website by following certain rules. As of now, these customized emojis can be seen by only you and those persons who have installed this extension on their computer. However, these emojis aren’t available for mobile versions or Facebook App.

It is really a creative way to customize the standard reactions of Facebook. If you face any problem, leave your comment below, we’ll be happy to help you !



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