Google launches the “Now In Android” app for developers, which helps them to stay updated on all the Android developments, and other things.

Earlier at the Google I/O developer conference, Google showed this application, and it is now available for download on GitHub.

The app helps developers to get ideas by showing some examples and designs. Also, it provides solutions to real-world problems which other apps can’t handle.

‘Now In Android’ App For Developers Available in Alpha Version

'Now In Android' App Is Available For Download On GitHub

Currently, the first alpha version “Now in Android” app is available. The developers can download it and try out the features.

The current version of “Now in Android” app have the following things:

  • UI built with Jetpack Compose
  • Using Material3’s theme components
  • Adaptive layout for different screen sizes
  • Architecture that follows official Google guidance
  • A reactive programming model with unidirectional data flow, implemented using Kotlin Flows
  • Room and Proto DataStore for local data storage, offline storage first
  • Schedule remote/local data synchronization using WorkManager with exponential backoff

The search engine is planning to add more features to the app with future updates. It might add features, including user authentication and loading data from the real background.

At present, there are no details on when the app will be available on the Play Store or about the release of these features.

If you’re interested in taking a look at the new app, you can download it from GitHub or can click on the given link.

Now in Android app has two goals; first, it shows the practices, designs, and solutions to the problems which the other similar apps don’t handle. It also does with an open-source implementation of a real-world app.

It helps the developer to get updates on the Android developments. On the Play Store, it is a working app planned for publication.

Currently, the app is in the alpha version, so that the developers might come up with bugs. Also, many features might not be available.

SOURCEAndroid Developers


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