Apple was in the news for a long time as it denied providing any assistance to the FBI for unlocking the iPhone 5C of the San Bernardino shooter. Later FBI successfully gained the access to the iPhone of the suspect without seeking help from Apple. Now anyone can unlock iPhone by using a code breaker worth £120 which is available online.

Now You Can Unlock iPhone Within Hours With This Device

The code breaker device is named as IP Box which can be purchased online and also from Sheffield. It was able to crack the pass-code of an iPhone 5C within six hours, as per reports on Daily Mail.

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The IP Box successfully bypassed the iPhone 5C’s encryption feature which locks the device after five failed pass-code attempts and it easily worked via thousands of combinations before perfectly entering the four digit 3298 code, possibly of total 10,000 combinations. Also every code given takes around six seconds to check, which means that iPhone using iOS 7 could be unlocked in more than 16 and half hours.

The IP Box device plugs into the iPhone via its lightning connector which is linked to a small circuit board displaying the input code. Notably, it types numbers up to 10,000 to check the actual password and once the number is correct, it gives the iPhone user access to the iPhone’s photos, messages and other details.

However, this code breaking device can be used only in devices running on iOS 7, Fone Fun Shop is planning to supply the version which works with the iOS 9.

FBI and Apple were fighting for months for iPhone unlocking case, recently FBI gained access to the iPhone 5C used by the shooter without seeking any help from Apple. However, FBI hasn’t revealed that which method it used for accessing the data on that iPhone.

Recently FBI accepted to unlock another iPhone as it unlocked the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter few days ago and now it is gearing up to unlock another iPhone and an iPod relating to a homicide case in Arkansas. The iPhone and iPod was used by two teenagers involved in killing of a couple.


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