Nvidia rolled out native GeForce Now app support for Apple M1 Macs to give players a better performance and experience.

In 2020, Nvidia launched its game streaming platform named GeForce Now, similar to Google Stadia or Amazon Luna, which allows playing Windows-based PC games on the cloud across desktop, laptop, and mobile.

So, earlier, it was already supported in Apple Macs, but it could only run on web browsers; as a result, it did not give a proper performance and sometimes crashed.

Apple M1 Macs Has New Native GeForce Now App

Apple M1 Macs Has New Native GeForce Now AppOn Thursday, The graphic cards and gaming enthusiastic Nvidia announced GeForce Now app’s native support for Apple M1 Mac, Mini Macs, and MacBooks in the new 2.0.40 update.

Nvidia launched this new native app support intending to give a truly enhanced experience of cloud gaming with GeForce NOW latest update on the macOS app. The company also mentioned that this update would provide lower power consumption, faster app startup times, and an overall rise.

Additionally, with this app update, there is an addition of a new Genre row at the bottom of the Games menu and sorting options possess the ability to see All Games available, making it easier to discover new games to play.

The company has also added 14 more games for subscribers, including Dune: Spice Wars, Holomento, Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition, SOL CRESTA, and Romans: Age of Caesar.

Mainly, GeForce Now is adding Amazon’s hit Lost Ark game. Amazon only published this game for Windows & Playstation users, so the game doesn’t have official macOS support. Still, this update’s primary concern is making it playable for Mac owners.

You’ll need to have the latest version of the GeForce Now app to enjoy these new features. You can download the GeForce Now app directly from Nvidia’s website, or you can update it directly through the app if you have.


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