Official TWRP App Launched On Google Play Store
Official TWRP App Launched On Google Play Store

TWRP has decided to evolve, yes, it means that the Team Win finally releases their first official TWRP app which is now available officially on the Google Play Store.

Official TWRP App Launched On Google Play Store

Everyone who uses the custom Android ROMs knows about TWRP. This custom recovery is often the first tool to allow access to many more features and installation of other ROMs.

Still, with features that forced almost archaic methods to be used, TWRP has decided to evolve and finally has an application present in the Android application store, it means it is now available officially with its own official app in Google Play Store.

The presence of an application TWRP in the Google app store is a very important step that Team Win gives. It finally gives its users a way to access functions that many like to see automated and mainly facilitated.

The Official TWRP App is divided into two distinct areas, one dedicated to looking for updates and another focused on updating applications.

The first one can be used without root and gives to those who use this app the possibility to receive alerts about new versions and news of the project itself.

If the phone is already rooted then the range of possibilities opens and Official TWRP App becomes the official channel for TWRP updates. Directly and without any intervention of the user TWRP will be applied, either in recovery mode or in the boot itself.

For now, TWRP can only apply the images that are in the internal memory of the phone, but Team Win is already looking for a way to be able to apply these images from any memory connected to the phone.

If you are a TWRP user then this is the application you are looking for. Almost automatically, custom recovery will be applied, so, the users can use this application for the whole process.

Click here to download the official application directly from the Google Play Store.