According to the latest reports, recently, a well-known luxurious gadget and accessories maker, which is basically an American company and headquarters in Los Angeles, has just launched Apple AirPods of $10,000.

OMG! These AirPods Cost $10,000

We are approaching August, and if your bank account allows you for some crazy things, then this article is perfect for you. Yes, there are many users around the world who has the lust for insanely luxurious things.

Hence, recently, a well-known luxurious gadget and accessories maker, of course, Brikk just launched Apple AirPods of $10,000. Luxuries we can glimpse used by a class of millionaires ranging from football to the world of cinema.

Brikk is a company that makes expensive accessories and equipment, and this time it has made a “basic” AirPods, which is originally sold by the tech giant Apple for only $179, in a 24-carat gold accessory.

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Moreover, this expensive accessories maker, of course, Brikk is offering two versions of luxury. The first is the classic edition sold for $4,995. For this price, we find the AirPods and their carrying box in gold (24 carats), rose gold (18 carats) or platinum.

Then comes the second luxury edition which is available for $9,995. The difference is in AirPods that bring inlaid diamonds in a total of 2 carats (one carat in each earpiece).

The Brikk is an American company headquarters in Los Angeles. It specializes in this type of products that stand out and are very popular in various means of the “high society” worldwide.

Thus, it is possible to buy an iPhone X equipped with rare materials for the modest amount of 1.3 million dollars, a gold base for the iPhone for 495 dollars or an Apple Watch Series 3 in gold.

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It is true that everything is paid, whether gold, diamonds or even the fact that all this work is done by hand. But for this price, less than this was unthinkable.

So, what do you think about this? Are you interested? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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