According to the reports from The Korean Economic Daily, Samsung is said to be putting refurbished Galaxy Note 7 handsets on sale with new batteries following the cancellation of the device late last year.

OMG!! Samsung Is About To Relaunch Galaxy Note 7

If we look back at the past, then we will find out that 2016’s most controversial incident was Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Well, Samsung is the largest maker of smartphones in the market. But, Galaxy Note 7 had done a lot of damage to the image of the brand.

To recall the incidence, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are exploding due to some serious problems in factory battery anode and cathode cell contact. So, Samsung had arranged a replacement program to replace the units of Note 7 that are prone to explosions. However, their safe units also started to catch fire.

The company found no way to stop this most disturbing incidence and decided to suspend the production of Galaxy Note 7 permanently. In the previous month, Samsung had officially explained the cause of the Note 7’s problem, and the problem resides in batteries.

According to the reports of the South Korean news website, The Korean Economic Daily, claims that Samsung is preparing to relaunch Galaxy Note 7 again. However, this time Samsung is said to be swapping the Note 7’s 3,500 mAH batteries with a “3,000 to 3,200 mAh” batteries and will go on sale in emerging markets such as India and Vietnam.

According to Android Authority “The move is said to be part of Samsung’s plan to recover costs from the initial device recall and avoid environmental penalties from the estimated 2.5 million or so Galaxy Note 7s it would have to dispose of.”

Well, Samsung hasn’t made any official statement regarding this. So, we have to wait for some time to find some more details about Galaxy Note 7 comeback.

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