Opera has introduced a free VPN with unlimited data usage in the latest developer version of Opera. Many VPNs offered online are not free; you can use them for a limited period of time, and after that, you need to pay to continue using VPN.

Opera Browser Now Comes With Free Pre-loaded VPN

The latest version of Opera comes with a useful feature in order to keep you safe on the Internet, you can switch to a VPN easily.

To access a VPN on Opera, you don’t need any account; you have to just turn it on in the Settings menu; you can select any country from the three default virtual locations, which are the US, Canada, and Germany. More countries will be added soon in the browser, says Opera.


“Everyone deserves to be private online if they want to be. By adding a free, unlimited VPN directly into the browser, no additional downloads or extensions from an unknown third-party provider are necessary. So, today, our Opera desktop users get a handy way to boost their online privacy, as well as easier access to all their favorite online content no matter where they are,” said SVP Opera Krystian Kolondra in the announcement.

By default, opera’s VPN offers 256-bit encryption. In order to activate the free VPN in the developer version of Opera, click on menu (O), click on settings, and then head to “Privacy and Security,” and then switch on the free VPN. Opera says that their VPN hides the actual IP address of the user and replaces it with the virtual address to make it tough for anyone to track your location and computer.

Features of Opera’s free VPN :

  1. Hide your IP address
  2. Unblocking of firewalls and websites
  3. Public WiFi security

VPN makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies and hackers to observe Internet traffic, it also allows users to access content that is blocked in their country. According to Opera, Global Web Index statistics reveal that half a billion people have tried or are presently using VPNs for surfing online.

To download the Developer version of Opera, click here.


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