If someone asks you to quote a company that has the same name as its main product, the answer can no longer be “Opera Software”. However, according to the latest reports, recently, the company, Opera Software has confirmed that it is changing its name to Otello Corporation.

Opera Software Changes Name To Otello Corporation

Android is an operating system that allows full customization accessibility to software and apps that are used. We are not stuck with any app and we can choose which ones we want to use.

This allows us to switch Chrome from any browser, one of the best alternatives being Opera. This browser has now been revamped and gives the user a much better user experience.

As earlier, we reported that how Opera has been looking for a long time to improve its browser, in all versions and in the various supported systems. Its experience has worked a lot for users and the news is many. This time they focused on the Android version, having redesigned its entire interface, to give the user a better use and experience.

The first change is even in the Opera interface, which becomes more personal and even more user-friendly. There is an area called “For You”, which gives direct access to news and information that Opera understands to be useful to the user.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, choose the news based on the use of the browser. The more you use it, the more accurate it will be.

However, now apart from its browser app, if someone asks you to quote a company that has the same name as its main product, the answer can no longer be “Opera Software”. Recently, the company confirmed that it is changing its name to Otello Corporation. With the browser, however, nothing changes.

As Opera Software (actually, Opera Software ASA) is a company with a lot of market time, the change of name causes strangeness. But Lars Boilesen, the CEO of Opera Software, explained to “The Next Web” that the new name is part of a legal agreement. What? It is good to go back to the past to understand.

In 2015, a consortium formed mainly by Chinese companies Beijing Kunlun Tech and Qihoo 360 made a $1.2 billion bid to acquire Opera Software. But the deal was not approved by regulatory agencies, prompting the consortium to make a lower offer of $600 million to buy only parts of Opera Software.

The offer was made in July 2016 and approved in November of the same year. With the deal, the Chinese consortium eventually became the owner of Opera Software, which handles products for final consumers. Consequently, the consortium also became responsible for Opera browsers.

Note that despite not responding more browsers, Opera Software continues to operate, but in other businesses. The name change, according to Boilesen, was necessary because the Chinese consortium also acquired rights over the Opera brand, which is why the agreement already provided for changes.

It is clear, therefore, that the Otello Corporation (the name is a reference to the opera of the same name) is now representing the parts not bought by the Chinese consortium. These include businesses in areas such as games, online ads and telecommunications, hence, the name change will be gradual.

Boilesen is also a strategic adviser to the Chinese consortium. Thus, it is presumed that there will still be links from Otello Corporation to Opera browsers, at least for some time.

So, what do you think about this change? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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