We all know very well that the well-known battle royale game Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, not only the mobile version but also the version for the PC. According to the latest reports, anyone can play for the hefty $100 million in the Fortnite World Cup.

Play For $100 Million In The Fortnite World Cup

The well-known battle royale game, Fortnite, is one of the most popular video games in the world, not only the mobile version but also the version for the PC. As the star work of Epic Games has a large multitude of players, so it always serves to launch new updates that simply improve the user experience.

After the arrival of ‘The Floor Is Lava’, a new mode of limited time, now comes the all-new contest, of course, the “Fortnite World Cup”, and it already has dates and awards of up to 30 million dollars.

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The Fortnite World Cup has not yet started, but Epic Games are preparing for the grand final. The team responsible for the well-known battle royale title, which has in the Mi 9 the first Xiaomi device to be able to run Fortnite at 60 fps, will hold this expected tournament between July 26 and 28 at Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest tennis stadium in the world and it is located in the city of New York. In addition, it has also been confirmed that the prize pool reaches the hefty amount of 30 million dollars.

The new tournament of the successful battle royale game, Fortnite, will also give out 3 million dollars to the winner. At the same time, all the other participants will win at least $50000 just for participating in the tournament. And only one of the 250 players, among which are the 100 best solo players and the 50 best teams in the world, can be accomplished with the desired crown.

While now, if we talk about the tickets for the Fortnite World Cup, then let me clarify that tickets can already be purchased through Ticketmaster for $50 for the three-day pass; of course, it is for the entire tournament.

Moreover, it has also been announced that those attending the World Cup will be able to collect V-Bucks, a battle pass from Season 10, and an exclusive pin.

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A tournament demonstrates how electronic sports have evolved over the years to such an extent that the best players can earn a large amount of money. In addition, it also serves to keep Fortnite capturing the attention of the public and its large mass of active users since the tournament will also be broadcast live on several well-known streaming platforms.

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