PlayStation 5 Slim Reportedly To Arrive In Q3 2023

Finally, a report has arrived that is detailing a new model of PlayStation 5, which is a highly demanded PlayStation Slim, and it also reported its expected release date.

We all know PlayStation 5’s design is a little different, and making it slimmer seems hard in comparison with PlayStation 4, but many people want it, so the company might intend for it.

Sony Might Working On PlayStation 5 Slim

Sony Might Working On PlayStation 5 Slim

The Japanese tech giant Sony hasn’t officially confirmed, but we could see PlayStation 5’s lighter and slimmer model next year. Besides, it will also inherit some label changes.

This information is coming from a website named theLeak, and this report is strengthened and validated by a reliable website Wccftech.

According to both reports, Sony is working on PlayStation 5 Slim, as we saw a slim named model with PlayStation 4, but this new slimmer model of PlayStation 5 will arrive with a different name.

And about the launch of this model, the report has noted that it is expected to arrive in Q3 of 2023.

Currently, there is information regarding the design of this upcoming model, but I believe that the design will still include the white color and blue color gradient lightning on the boundary.

However, it was easy for the company to make a slimmer version of the PS4 due to its simple design, but as PS5 has a rounded and complex design, it will be hard for the company to make the PS5 lighter with the same CPU, RAM, and SSD.

We already saw a YouTuber rebuilding the PlayStation 5 into a slimmer version, but as he mentioned, he had to remove many parts by making them work externally.

And also, it could be priced around the same cost as the PS5’s launch price, but still, it’s a mystery for us right now because Sony is raising the price, so it may cost higher.


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