We all know very well that in the whole internet network, there are thousands of websites available related to the torrent download. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known popular ad-free torrent site ‘SkyTorrents’ shuts down.

OMG! Popular Ad-free Torrent Site ‘SkyTorrents’ Shuts Down

In the whole internet network, there are thousands of websites available related to the torrent download. Most of them tend to have publicity, each with more malicious content. However, that a website decides that it will offer all the torrent links of public trackers and without advertising was a very nice task. This is how SkyTorrents came about.

Goodbye to SkyTorrents: the ad-free torrent search engine that respected privacy

SkyTorrents was a project born at the beginning of last year, being a website that had neither cookies, ads, nor executed any script. A simple and flat torrent search engine in which you can find files of all kinds without having to go searching one by one in the most popular websites.

The project was so well received that they had to resort to donations in order to keep the cost of the servers afloat. However, the website had to close temporarily until they raised enough money to reopen. However, this has not finally been enough, and after having endured a few months, they have had to close definitively.

SkyTorrents said at all times that they were never going to put ads on the page. “We prefer to close the website before putting ads,” said one of its managers. Under this premise, the web reached great popularity in the network and had several million visits daily. The monthly cost amounted to about $1,500. Although it is not very high, its managers could not cope with that cost only with donations. Finally, they have had to keep their word and close.

An alternative could arise in the coming days through its database

Even the users of the web encouraged them to put ads that were not malicious in order to keep the web afloat. The fact that all the torrent websites do so proves that it is necessary. None of the options was valid for its manager or managers, who have stated that “it has been a great experience to have served and satisfied people around the world”, and has taken the opportunity to thank the company NFOrce hosting services that have offered during this time.

Before closing definitively, its creator has uploaded the database of the more than 15 million torrent links it housed and has posted them on this website. In total, they are 444 GB of .torrent files, or you can also download all the magnet links that occupy only 322 MB. Maybe if they had decided to offer only magnet links instead of .torrent files, the web would still be afloat, as The Pirate Bay did some time ago.

The objective of having published the database is for someone to decide to follow the project of the web, with or without advertisements. Therefore, and knowing Internet users, it would not be strange that in a few days we make an article commenting on the birth of a new website from the database of the already deceased Skytorrents.

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