It seems that something very big going to happen again, yes, I am talking about the biggest acquisition in the technology industry. According to the reports, the largest acquisition in the technology industry may be about to happen: semiconductor company Broadcom officially again announced that it has made an offer to buy the giant chip maker Qualcomm for $121 billion.

Qualcomm To Broadcom: $160 Billion Offer Will Confirm The Deal

Since November, the giant semiconductor company Broadcom has been dragging its wing to Qualcomm, trying to get it for billions of dollars. But, the giant chip manufacturer Qualcomm declined its offer twice, simply by saying the value was too low and is now suggesting a more appropriate amount: $135 billion.

According to the Financial Times, the giant chip manufacturer Qualcomm would accept to be purchased by Broadcom for a total of $160 billion – $135 billion for the company itself, plus $25 billion in debt it would take.

Let’s recap the story. In November 2017, the giant semiconductor company Broadcom made an offer of $103 billion, not counting the $25 billion in debt. At that time the giant chip manufacturer Qualcomm rejected the offer because it “drastically underestimates” the company’s value and brings “significant regulatory uncertainty.”

This month, the giant semiconductor company Broadcom increased the offer to $121 billion (not counting the debt), saying that this was its “best and last” proposal. However, the giant chip manufacturer Qualcomm has refused again, saying it “materially undervalues” it, and does not provide the necessary assurances if the business is barred by regulatory authorities.

Then something curious happened: Broadcom reduced the offer to $117 billion. It is that Qualcomm should spend more money to buy the semiconductor company NXP – it has increased its offer from $38 billion to $44 billion.

Now, the giant chip manufacturer Qualcomm wants a few billion more to do business. If Broadcom accepted, they would form the world’s third-largest chip maker behind the South Korean giant Samsung and the giant chip maker Intel. They manufacture modems, ARM processors, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection chips.

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