The new iPhones are here and there is a rivalry between Android and iOS. So, here are the 5 reasons that show why having an iPhone is better than Android.

5 Reasons Why iPhone Still Beats Android

The new iPhone is already in the market and it is gaining ground quicker than Apple ever could have imagined. On the other hand, Android is a great operating system and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular smartphones operating system.

There is always a competition between Apple and Android, the recent figures also show that Android is growing faster than the iPhone. There have been lots of posts outlining why it’s better than the iPhone. So, here we have decided to go against the trend and show you 5 crucial things that iPhone has over Android

#1 Consistency

There are numerous Android smartphones but we see fewer iPhone models launched. The choice is only a benefit when it’s meaningful choice. Countless choice in Android’s massive number of devices from different manufacturers results in a sub-par user experience for many. iOS are updated across the board on devices three years old or newer, whereas Android users are forced to rely on manufacturers and wireless carriers to push updates out the door.

#2 App Store

Both iOS and Android have more than 1 million apps in their stores. However, developers choose iPhone as the launch platform of choice for the hottest new apps. For example, it took two years for Instagram to debut on Android after it launched for the iPhone. So, iPhone is still the king in App section.

#3 Bloatware

We very often read articles like how to remove bloatware from Android device. This is because Android devices come with lots of bloatware which is just a crap taking up space on your phone. You will not find a single piece of carrier software pre-loaded on an iPhone, making for a clean out-of-box experience.

#4 Reliability

Android became lot more stable and reliable with recent builds. However, they still don’t match iOS 8 or previous versions. iPhones rarely crash and freeze up and it’s just straightforward. You might find 3-4GB RAM in Android but it still freezes whereas the 1GB version of iPhone rarely crashes.

#5 Loyal Fan Base

Whenever any user buys an Apple product they seem to feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Nowadays every second person seems to hold iPhone, the novelty has just worn off. However, Apple’s fanboy will always buy any of their new products. When it comes to Android, there are infinite choices available for users. So, Android users tend to change their phones more often compared to iPhone users.

So, above are the five reasons that clearly shows why having an iPhone is better than Android. Did we miss anything? Share us in the comment section below.