RSS, which stands for ‘really simple syndication’ or ‘rich site summary’ is nothing apart from just a simple text file with some basic information. Information can be something like a news article, how-to tutorials, or something else.

RSS was designed to simplify the information transfer process between websites and users in an easily readable form.

Now, you all might be asking about what’s RSS Feed. RSS Feeds are used to push anything from text, videos, gifs, images, and other media content available on any particular website.

List of 10 best RSS Reader Apps For Android

RSS Readers become the most important thing for the viewers. To read RSS feeds, you need to have a tool that we call RSS Reader. Now, RSS Readers are available on different forms like RSS app, websites, or the one that delivers feeds via email.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best online RSS Reader that you can use today.

1. Feedly


The great thing about Feedly is its interface which looks clean and well organized. Apart from that, the app is excellent for reading feeds of different websites or blogs that you have subscribed to. The homepage of Feedly is also filled with the latest news from everywhere.

2. Flipboard


If you are looking for a free RSS Reader app for your Android smartphone, then Flipboard might be the best choice for you. Guess what? The interface of Flipboard is quite impressive, and it’s nothing less than Feedly.

Basically, Flipboard is a news aggregator, but you can easily transform your daily RSS feeds into a magazine-style reader.

3. FeedMe


If you are searching for an offline RSS reader app for your Android smartphone, you need to try this app. FeedMe is one of the best lightweight RSS reader apps available for Android smartphones.

With this app, you can easily add the RSS feeds of different blogs. Once done, the app automatically syncs the web content and lets you access the feed

4. Flym


Unlike all other RSS reader apps for Android, Flym also lets you add RSS feeds of different websites and blogs.

What makes Flym different from its competitors is that it sends you notifications of new articles. In addition, the app is extremely lightweight, and it’s the best RSS feed app for Android.

5. Inoreader


If you are looking for a simple RSS reader that can give you access latest blog content, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc., then Inoreader could be an excellent choice for you.

The app is super fast, and it’s straightforward to use. If you purchase the premium version of Inoreader, you can save articles for offline viewing.

6. Palabre


If you are looking for a free and stunning RSS Reader, you can try Palabre. The app interface is impressive, and it has support for offline viewing.

However, users don’t get an option to add an RSS Feed of any blog, and it just shows news content from various popular sites.

7. News360


It is not an RSS Reader app, but it’s more like a personalized news reader app. The app automatically recognizes what you like to read based on what you have already read.

So, News360 gets better and smarter as you use and it will show you things that you would like to read. The interface of News360 is also pretty good, and it has features like social media integration, offline reading, etc.

8. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is an app that allows users to manage Podcasts, Radio, Audio Books, Live Stream, etc. The great thing about Podcast Addict is that it also allows users to manage RSS News Feeds.

The app also offers tons of unique features like widgets; Android wear support, Android Auto Support, Full-screen reading mode for RSS news feeds, etc.

9. Aggregator


Aggregator is for those looking for a free and easy-to-use RSS reader for Android. The app supports both RSS and Atom, and comes with both dark & light themes.

Since it’s an RSS reader app for Android, you can follow almost all websites with RSS feeds. Overall, Aggregator is a great RSS reader app for Android.

10. Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start is pretty much similar to the Feedly and Flipboard app that has been listed above. It’s basically a news aggregator that provides you with a personalized news feed to stay connected with the latest news.

With a premium subscription, you can easily access over 1,000 premium publishers, 4500 media outlets, and more.

With a premium subscription, you can even save your favorite articles for later use. Overall, Microsoft Start is a great RSS reader app that you can use right now.

So, these are some of the best free RSS reader apps that you can use on your Android smartphone. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.