Samsung Copied iOS 16's Popular Feature In One UI 5.0 Beta

Samsung appears to copy the most significant feature of iOS 16, which has been spotted in the third beta of One UI 5.0. As you have noticed in the upper image, this feature is lock screen customization.

As we all know, Apple has recently released iOS 16, which came with many new features, but its most significant feature was lock screen customization, whose copying is now beginning.

Other Smartphone Brands Now Also Copying Apple iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization

Other Smartphone Brands Now Also Copying Apple iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization

This likeness came out when it was spotted by a tech YouTuber, Vaibhav Jain, while he was reviewing the latest beta of One UI 5.0 based on Android 13, and the best part is that OneUI’s feature doesn’t seem to be different.

With this new feature, Samsung users will be able to make changes to smartphones’ lock screens according to their preferences, such as changing the clock style with different fonts, styles, and designs.

However, it doesn’t have wallpaper object detection capability as the iOS 16 has, and the other things, such as the little option bar and setting and camera button, seem the same as the prior version.

As you can see, the above image that features this side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s lock screen customization feature.

Besides, One UI 5.0 also has some other new changes and improvements, such as app opening and closing animations performing faster & smooth than earlier.

Also, there are improvements in the animations of shifting from the lock screen to always on display.

In the future, we might also see other smartphone brands’ Android 13-based operating systems, such as RealmeUI and ColorOS, introduce the same kind of feature, but it wasn’t found in MIUI 14.

At the same time, many other smartphone brands and app developers are also trying to create Dynamic Island for supported Android smartphones.

And you can also try Dynamic Island on your Android smartphone. To know how to do it, check out this article.


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