We all know that smartphones are increasing the size of their screens, and many users have now begun to experience problems reaching the edges of the screen with their fingers or comfortably handling the device with one hand. Hence, to combat this situation, the South Korean giant Samsung has a solution in the form of an app.

Samsung Just Launched An Awesome New App For Android

But, the fact is that everyone likes a large screen where you can enjoy multimedia content, but if management becomes uncomfortable, many opt for screens below 6-inch. While to combat this situation, the South Korean giant Samsung has a solution in the form of an app known as One Hand Operation +, which makes it more convenient to use large-screen devices with one hand through an intelligent gesture system.

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One Hand Operation + is now available on the tech giant Google’s well-known app store, Google Play. Not only that, even the South Korean giant Samsung eliminates the geographical restriction of the app and makes it available to all Galaxy devices.

This new application of the South Korean giant Samsung allows you to configure different gestures through the edges of the screen, with which you can carry out elementary operations.

The app also allows you to add 12 gestures, which can be activated from the application’s menu and will enable you to interact straightforwardly with several of the most used functions.

In this way, and with one hand, we can go back to the beginning, take a screenshot, activate Google Assistant or Bixby, or open the notification panel. The level of transparency of the controllers can be modified, so they will not be too immersed if we do not want to.

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Moreover, we can practically exclude them from sight when we have become accustomed to the controls and do not need to see them constantly as a guide. And not only that, even the most exciting thing is that the all-new One Hand Operation ++ is free, and you can download it from Google Play.

While the application does not require any special permission, unfortunately, it is only compatible with the devices of the Korean firm only. Luckily, Google Play is full of alternatives for almost everything. So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this article, do not forget to share this article with all your friends and family.


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