An internal source claimed that Samsung might be now switching its default search engine from Google search engine to Microsoft’s Bing search engine for its Galaxy and other smartphone series.

While the same report has also revealed some details about Google’s new project that is related to AI features, so let’s begin the discussion below.

Samsung Would Make Bing As Default Search Engine

Samsung Reportedly to Ditch Google for Bing Search on Its Devices

As we all know, Samsung holds around 27% share of the global smartphone market by being the second smartphone company to sell most smartphones after Apple.

But simultaneously, it is also a company that holds the first position in selling the most Android smartphones in the world. And from the start, Samsung keeps Google as their smartphone’s default search engine.

A report has been published by the New York Times in which their unknown source from Google claimed that last month the company discovered Samsung is in talks with Microsoft to make the Bing search engine default for their devices.

And Google reacted with “panic” when they found out about it, and this panic was because Google gets around $3 billion annually from Samsung to be their device’s default search engine.

However, it’s clear why Samsung thought about this swap as Bing gained so much popularity and milestone this year because of the integration of AI chatbot technology called GPT-4.

The report also mentioned that the talks between Samsung and Microsoft have not been completed yet so maybe Google could stay the default search engine for Samsung’s devices.

And currently, there is no official statement from Microsoft or Samsung regarding this change, so take it with a grain of salt.

Besides, the report also mentioned that Google is also working on a new project that is codenamed Magi.

This Magi project is expected to add various AI features to Google’s existing search engine, and its official reveal takes place at the Google I/O event.


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