What if I say you all that now you can send or teleport lemonade through your smartphone? Yes, it may sound fully odd or crazy but it is true, as recently, scientists crack the secret to teleportation of Lemonade.

Scientists Crack The Secret To Teleportation Of Lemonade

Sending flavors or smells on the mobile is nothing more than a little joke that has come to an end, and not precisely because it ceases to have grace, in fact, it is about to become reality. As today we will tell you how a group of scientists managed to send flavors successfully through Bluetooth.

This scientific experiment has taken place in Singapore, and the chosen substance is lemonade. It should be noted that lemon-flavored beverage has not been the only one transferred by Bluetooth, but the most representative. Among other flavors, we have the bitter and sweet, which have not been harvested with such success among the community.

To achieve this experiment, two vessels connected via Bluetooth to a sensor were needed. In the first glass was placed the original lemonade, squeezed with real lemons and in the second, simply water. The sensor performed the color calibration and the pH of the natural lemonade, the information was transferred wirelessly to the second vessel.

The result of the transfer of data from the vessel containing water began transmitting electrical pulses with electrodes to the liquid. After a certain time, one of the scientists tested the water, and indeed the water tasted of lemonade, thus being a resounding success.

To better understand what is being said, we must clarify that it was not possible to send by Bluetooth lemonade, but the bitter taste of it. In order to transfer liquids through the cell phone, there is still a lot to be done, although it has already been demonstrated that we can share the sensations on the palate with beverages.

Sending tastes via Bluetooth is a very limited utility, although the technology can be used for many other tasks. Science is never worked in vain and can always have essential repercussions, whether positive or negative on other experiments that, a priori, has nothing to do with what is being done and that is the wonderful thing.

So, what do you think about this new invention? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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