Today in this post, we will be discussing seven different versions of Windows 10. As we all know, Microsoft is a giant software network, and they provide windows operating system, and as Microsoft has not revealed the exact launch date of Windows 10 yet.

But the company has told that they will be releasing this version in summer. So we all are eagerly waiting for this Windows update.

There are seven different versions of Windows 10

And also said that this version would be the last version of windows as no other update will be for this version. So that is why it is obvious that the company will do best for this version. So that is the best of Microsoft must be seen in this version of windows.

Window 10 will include all the features like Edge Browser of Window 10, The hello smile face recognition and universal apps, and many much more. And with all this, there will also be a Windows 10 Pro edition available, like Windows 8 pro version. So we can expect a lot from this version for our home or commercial line that is business interconnections in this update.

And as window 10 will be available in all 7 types of smart devices with differing interfaces, there are seven different Windows 10. And also, there will be a windows 10 update for the windows phone whose official name had been changed to Windows 10 Mobile. And this will be upcoming soon. And also, there will be different operating system licenses for every mobile, tablet, and desktop.

So above is all about the Windows 10 seven different variants that will be available soon. And we all are waiting for this with a very curiosity.

And we all hope for the best in this operating system as there is a hope, this update will fully change the user experience with the operating system. So keep in touch with all the latest updates about this update.


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