Soon, Shoes That can Charge Your Smartphone By Walking

Scientists have developed new energy harvesting system which has the ability to obtain the power of human motion to charge electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops.

Scientist from the University of Wisconsin Madison have developed this technology which uses kinetic energy of a person walking to produce electricity. Currently, it is able to create 10 watts of power per square meter covered. But, it is maintained that it could create 10 Kw per day.

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Soon, Shoes That can Charge Your Smartphone By walking

Tom Krupenkin, professor of mechanical engineering, and senior scientist J Ashley Taylor explained this technology that how it could catch the energy of human motion to power mobile electronic devices.

Credit: Tom Krupenkin/InStep NanoPower
Credit: Tom Krupenkin/InStep NanoPower

WISC posted on their website “The researchers’ bubbler device—which contains no moving mechanical parts—consists of two flat plates separated by a small gap that’s filled with a conductive liquid. The bottom plate has tiny holes through it as well as a dielectric-coated electrode on its surface. Pressurized gas blows up through the holes in the bottom plate, forming bubbles on each hole. These bubbles grow until they’re large enough to touch the top plate, which causes the bubble to collapse”.

This mind blowing technology allow a energy harvester fixed in footwear to catch energy generated during the walking and store the energy produced for utilization.

Mr. Krupenkin also said that this small amount of energy is capable to charge different gadgets which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and flashlights. Almost all smartphones need less than 2 watts of energy.

So, this all about the upcoming technology which could let you charge your device while walking. This could be really beneficial for the military personnel who carry batteries for radios or other systems, now this futuristic technology will ease their difficulties. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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