Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden spoke about the work of the popular messenger Telegram. According to Snowden, the service is unsafe and in need of revision.

Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden spoke about the work of the popular messenger Telegram, developed by the founder of the social network “VKontakte” Pavel Durov. According to Snowden, the service is unsafe and in need of revision.

“I respect Durov, but shortcomings Telegram dangerous. Without the update, the basic version of the messenger is unsafe. Be clear: the fact that a plain text has access to the server (or service provider), regardless of whether you save it or not,” – wrote Snowden in his microblog Twitter.

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Snowden Has Revealed The Serious Secret Security Flaws in Telegram

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In response, Pavel Durov did not agree with the comment Snowden, saying that people who do not need the “cloud” storage systems, or who simply do not trust them, may use “secret chat”. The history of this option in any form is not stored on servers and is available only with two devices – the sender and receiver of messages.

However Pavel Durov, Telegram’s organizer couldn’t help contradicting the feedback against his application and brought up that the server-stockpiling bit just applies to the standard visit and that the mystery talk highlight does not have a cloud sync. Before, Durov has alluded to Snowden as his own saint.

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Durov tweeted, ” Skipping the mocking part: clients who don’t require cloud match up or don’t believe us, use mystery talks.” He additionally denied that the application was putting away “plaintext of messages” and said that Ptacek’s announcement was false, including that “erased messages are eradicated for eternity.”

Be that as it may, Durov’s answer that the application doesn’t store the messages hasn’t persuaded all. London-construct Mustafa Al-Bassam solicited in light from Twitter, “By what method can work while the telephone is off then,” to which WhatsApp’s Jan Koum answered saying that not at all like Telegram, WhatsApp for web won’t work without a telephone as they don’t store any visit history on their servers.

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Koum tweeted, “that is precisely why WhatsApp web customer doesn’t work w/o your telephone – in light of the fact that we don’t store you visit history on our servers :)”

Interestingly WhatsApp has been blamed for blocking connections to the Telegram application on Android. Telegram cases to have more than 60 million month to month clients. Telegram prime supporter’s answer hasn’t persuaded pundits, who are indicating out that the default settings in the application are not by any means that protected.

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According to Durov, this feature is not enabled by default, since the majority of users more important to have access to his correspondence with any device (for this story should be stored on servers), rather than an increased level of security.

Recall that Pavel Durov, who created Telegram in 2014, stresses that not cooperating with the authorities in any country and does not give them access to special services reportedly under any circumstances. Because of this messenger already banned in some countries, particularly in Iran. In the middle of November, representatives of the service reported on blocking channels banned in Russian terrorist group “Islamic State”. According to rumors, it was done under the pressure of Apple, has threatened to remove the messenger from the AppStore.

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