Start planting trees with a single click. It may sound bit weird, but it’s true, as today we will present a new search engine which simply plants trees for clicks.

Start Planting Trees With A Single CLICK

Lack of time is often one of the most common excuses to justify little or no involvement in preserving the environment. But what if we told you that in just 11 seconds, you would be helping to plant trees around the world?

Thanks to Ecosia, a new online search engine, every time you enter a search on the web are contributing to planting trees. It’s as easy as adding the extension to Google Chrome and using Ecosia as your home page.

As the eighty percent of the revenue generated by the advertising that appears in the searches is intended to plant trees and, from Ecosia keep the users informed so that they know how this help is being used in the projects they have in Currently. For now, they carry more than 6,000,000 trees planted and want to reach the billion in 2020. Ambitious numbers but would be simple to get if more users are encouraged to use it as the main or primary search engine.

Today, Ecosia collaborates with different organizations that focus their efforts on increasing the tree mass of our planet and, as a consequence, increase the benefits that the trees generate: the promotion of biodiversity, the protection of the soils against erosion or the fresh climate, thanks to the absorption of CO2, among others.

Ecosia is a project which is simply reforesting, employing small groups of farmers and cooperatives of coffee and cocoa. Also, the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects are developing a project in Madagascar focused on planting mangrove trees, bushes growing in the mangroves and help reproduction of different species of fish. As we all know very well that trees contribute to returning fertility to the land and, consequently, generate employment and economy in the region.

So, never helping the environment was so easy. But, helping the environment is also very easy simply we have to believe that we can greenify our environment.


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