iOS 9.3 was released ahead the launch of the Apple iPhone SE. It comes with some new features like Night Shift, Password protected notes, Improved Car-Play integration. iOS 9.3 comes with features that assures you make you sleep better. So, we have mentioned below, how to turn it on.

Here is How to Switch on Night Shift in iOS 9.3 Which Helps People Go to Sleep

Night Shift mode turns your iPhone or iPad screen a subtle yellow which reportedly helps you “better at getting sleep”. Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3 turns the colors of the screen and makes them more yellow at night. Also, it makes the screen to look less dazzling in the darkness of the dusk. It is reported that it makes it easier for the users to go to sleep after looking on the screen of iOS device.

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It is very easy to use this new feature in iOS 9.3, go to Settings > Display & Brightness, you will see Night Shift mode there.

Moreover, you can also turn the feature manually or simply schedule it on specific time. Additionally, you can also set how yellow or orange you want display to be by using a slider (Less Warm – More Warm).

The effect is not fine when you turn it on during sunset, as screen will fade to a much warmer color. However, studies and unscientific have proved that it makes iPhone easier to look at and it also helps to diminish the effect of device’s brightness.

If you are knowing how to experience this feature, you must also know how to turn it back off again. The Independent gave an example of watching film on iPad while using this mode may make “things look unnatural and you might want to flip it back off temporarily”.

If you want this effect on your desktop/laptop, then it is recommended to install f.lux, it is a program which does the same and it is available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and can be downloaded from their official website.

f.lux is also having some extra options on the top of the iPhone’s own version. You can also shape your lighting, like color temperature of the screen will look like your lights, for example.

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