The Department of the Homeland Security of the United States recommended that all Windows computer users remove or uninstall the QuickTime program Apple from their PCs for security reasons.

Trend Micro Inc., a global security software company, found two vulnerabilities in popular video playback software, which can be exploited to launch computer attacks. Exploiting QuickTime vulnerabilities could allow invasion of affected systems.

US Government Advises Windows Users To uninstall QuickTime

Yet there are no cases of known attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities, which are exclusive to the Windows version of the program, but they exist.

According to the US government department, Apple has no plans to update the software QuickTime since this is the “end of life”. “The only way to mitigate the problem is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows,” according to the promptings of the Department of Homeland Security. Using unsupported software raises the risk of malicious attacks and electronic data loss. However, uninstalling the program is the only way to keep the PC safe before criminal attacks.

If you still use QuickTime to view some videos, you can always change or replace it with VLC, a free program developed in freeware that decodes virtually all existing video formats.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, Apple had released a statement encouraging all Windows users to uninstall the program QuickTime and plugins linked to it. That’s because Apple decided not to further support the application on Windows systems.

Before you uninstall the software, it is recommended to save the keys that the user may have in the registry preferences QuickTime Player by accessing the menu “Edit” and then “Preferences”.

Then you can proceed with the uninstallation process through the Control Panel. For more details about uninstalling QuickTime 7, access the Apple support page.


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