InShortViral: The United States, the average download speed of 31 megabits per second (Mbps), compared with 10Mbps 2011 March triple.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday released a report, in order to meet consumer demand for streaming video and downloading content requirements, the US network connection speed doubled in three and a half years. Nevertheless, the US still lags behind many other countries.

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US Network Speed Will be 3 Times Faster in This 2016 Half Years

Some of the other countries have the same speed of Internet but they have fewer users apart from US users in millions, the company presumes about the upcoming year 2016 will be the again the year of vast increment of Internet increase from the network providers.

The report said that as of September 2014, the United States, the average download speed of 31 megabits per second (Mbps), compared with 10Mbps 2011 March triple. However Google the homeland company will support the country for its own growth as by providing Google Fiber just for increasing the Internet speed in a triple.

The US citizens are always worried about the Internet which is not as usual but as per the increasing the internet speed from the local company to provide the home network which can lead up to 10Gb per second but that’s the plan which also costs as well.

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To meet consumer demand, the relevant industry is stepping up efforts to enhance the network speed. Google Inc. is the United States included nine cities to provide Google Fiber service, speed up to 1000Mbps. Telecommunications giant AT&T is 20 city services provide the same speed, and plans to add 36 cities next year. Comcast last week said it was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city consumes 1000Mbps commissioning services, and plans before the end of 2016 in other parts of the city also launched this service.

AT&T is the popular telecommunication brand in the US, Canada, Brazil and UK. it has huge networks to provide its users without any interruption from the invade of hackers malicious content and near about the highest reach of Internet speed it provided is 33 Gigabytes per seconds as 33Gbps.

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FCC said in the report, the video constituted more than 60 percent of US Internet traffic is expected this figure will rise to 80 percent in 2019. Nevertheless, the United States still lags behind many countries speeds in the world, 39 countries, only the first 25 rows. In January this year, FCC broadband Ji Zhunti rose downlink 25Mbps, uplink 3Mbps.