Firefox Send
Firefox Send

Learn How to secure your files and privacy by Using Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction File using the simple extension that will delete all the mail after a specified time period. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all have used the conversation tools and most of us are familiar with one thing that on any conversation and file sharing platform the message you sent is not deleted from the other side no matter if you delete your side copy. You have no control to delete the sent data from the other end device and even control it anyway. This is actually not required by the general users as they don’ usually share any important stuff. While for the business clients and the employees those who are to share the really important stuff to the correct persons, the security is essentially required. More will be the data secure then more shall the company be safe from any attacks. Self-destruction file sharing is the great option here for the most secure sharing. Mozilla Firefox browser has the option through which the users can send the self-destructing files to the others, and the sent file would get deleted from the other end device after some time. Here in this article, we have written about the full method to share the self-destructing files over the Firefox, just go and read it out to know about the method!

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How to Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files

The method is simple and straight and you just need to use the latest feature of your Firefox browser that will help you to send these self-destructive emails. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files:

#1 Firefox has launched a feature named Firefox Send through which the users can be able to share their files. This portal is still under construction or is in beta mode so the users cannot avail all the best functions in an Accenture way. Now inside this article, we will be telling you about the method through which you can be able to utilize the Firefox send conveniently and hence grasp the most out of it!

#2 Firstly go to the Firefox Send portal on the Mozilla Firefox browser, this is the link for that. On the page that appears you will see that it will be a sending portal through which any kind of files could be easily sent to others. We will describe you about all that in the article ahead!

#3 There will be a button on the screen named “Select a file on your computer“. Just click on it and this would launch a file browsing section which is to make you enable the file sharing. Select your file from the panel that appears and then proceeds to the next step.

Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files
Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files

#4 Your selected file will be then uploaded to the portal and after the completion, you will get the unique download link for the same file. This URL that you will acquire would be only used within the next 24 hours. You can thereafter share the URL link to anyone to whom you wish to share the file. Then if you wish to delete the file from the portal and even make it inaccessible to others then you can do it easily. Simply delete the file uploaded to the Firefox send portal and that’s all!

Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files
Use Firefox Send to Send Self Destruction Files

#5 Actually the File would be automatically deleted after the 24 hours and the link will become useless all after that. This becomes the safest way of sharing the files as the files do not tend to stay in the cloud forever unless you personally delete it. Furthermore, you get the ability to share the files to multiple people all without requiring to upload it several times!

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Thereafter following the whole article above and reading every line of it you would have the best possible knowledge regarding the method to use the Firefox Send to Send self-destruction files. Business clients would be highly benefitted out of this feature inside the Firefox as their important information sharing will become more secure and no one could be able to achieve it after some time of sharing. We now hope that you might have liked this article and the whole information provided under here, and if it is exactly what you read about this article then please try to take more time and share this article to most people you can possibly. Do tend to share the opinions and suggestions regarding the article through the comments section below, this data will be extremely valuable to us!


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