Want to use your iPhone as a webcam? Well, it’s absolutely possible with a few third-party apps. Although the apps won’t mimic a webcam in the traditional sense, they can record the phone’s camera and send it to Windows PC, Mac, web apps, etc.

iOS devices with a camera on both sides can be handy even after the device becomes outdated and you have already switched to the new one. The camera of the iPhone can be used for various purposes. For example, your old iPhone can be used as a webcam for Windows. It’s actually possible to use your iPhone as a webcam, but you need to use proper iOS apps for that.

What’s more important is that using iPhone as a webcam has some of its own sets of practical benefits. For instance, you can use your iOS device as a baby monitor, a pet monitor, security camera, etc. In this article, we have shared some of the best apps that could help you turn your iPhone into a Webcam.

5 Methods Use iPhone As a Webcam

Below, we have shared the 5 best iPhone apps that would transform your iPhone into a webcam. We have selected the apps based on user ratings, downloads, etc. So, let’s explore some of the best apps to use iPhone as a webcam.

1. PocketCam


PocketCam is the best application that gives you a chance to utilize your iOS gadget as a remote webcam for your Windows Computer. It’s good with Skype, iChat, and AIM, among others. The app doesn’t need much storage to install, and it’s pretty easy to use as well. So, Pocketcam is one of the best iOS apps to transform your iPhone into a wireless webcam for your MAC or Windows PC.

2. EpocCam


EpocCam is one of the top-rated apps that can turn your iPhone into a webcam. The great thing about EpocCam is that it’s fully compatible with Skype and Google Hangouts. Apart from that, EpocCam also supports the iPhone’s rear and front-facing camera. To use the iPhone as a webcam, download and install the EpocCam app on both sites – Computer and iPhone. Once done, it will start sharing the camera streams to the computer.

3. Facetime


Well, FaceTime of iOS is not exactly designed to be a webcam app, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a webcam. To use iPhone as a webcam, you need to install Facetime on your iPhone and Mac. Just make sure that two apps have different contact details under the settings so that you can make calls. Once done, call your iPhone from your MAC.

4. AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera is another best application that transforms your gadget into a video observing webcam. There are two modes accessible in this application – the one is the streamer, and the other is the watcher. Regardless of whether you are utilizing the application as a streamer or a watcher, you’ll have the ability to stream or watch the camera feeds.

5. Presence


Presence is another best iOS app that can turn your iPhone into a webcam or security camera. The great thing about Presence is that it provides users 50MB of free cloud storage. Although 50MB is not much, it can record and save a few minutes of footage. What’s more interesting is that Presence is a web app, which means the streams can be accessed from any web browser.

So, these are the 5 best apps that can turn your iPhone/iPad into a webcam. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you share it with others as well.


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