Let’s have a look at the guide on How to Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper using the simple app that we are discussing right below. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the best things about the smartphone devices is that you can make them look different every other instant by customizing according to your needs. You can change the wallpaper for the device so as to get that appealing looks. Also, you possibly might be spending some of the time to make the customizations for the device while changing the wallpaper. One of the things on which the users more often spend their time is the customization of the color for the different icons, folders, the status bar in accordance with the wallpaper being set up. Now as it is this takes a lot of time to make any sort of changes to the icon customizations and color changes on the smartphones. You would not be wanting to do all those processes, again and again, every time you change the wallpaper. While you still would be willing to attain the full-color coordination with the wallpaper on your device. Fortunately, there is an available way by which the whole process for making the wallpaper matching changes could be done quickly. Here in this article, we have written about the method by which the QuickTheme the part of the Action launcher could be used for the matching of the colors for various aspects with the background wallpaper. In case of you wish to know about the method then keep on reading until the end so as to grab the whole knowledge perfectly. So let’s just get started!

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How to Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper

#1 First of all download and install the Action launcher on your smartphone device. Note that this is a launcher which is highly smooth and full of functions and features so you would love to use it. After installing this app on your device please make it your default home screen laugher and then move ahead to the next step.

#2 In this next step you need to up upgrade the Action launcher to the plus version. This is the paid version upgrade and the Quicktheme function is only available on the Action Launcher Plus. This will cost you only 4.99 dollars for the single installation and you would really get some cool number of features inside the launcher after the upgrade.

Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper
Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper

#3 After making all of the above requirements simply go to the menu of the Action launcher and from there select the very first option named QuickTheme. You will get to see numerous other options under this screen and hence we would be making the preference for the color atomized changes in response to the wallpaper.

#4 Select the Themes option under the above option and then again select the Wallpaper option. Select the desired color contrast checker from there and press OK. What this will do is it would judge the coloring of the wallpaper you set and then change the color of ready of the elements in accordance with the best view.

Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper
Use QuickTheme to Make Your HomeScreen Match Your Wallpaper

#5 Now the QuickTheme will be enabled and hence you would be able to make the wallpaper customizations anytime without working to change the colors of the icons, folders, and status bar etc.

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So you have got the method through which you could make the color coordination changes in your smartphone with the wallpaper set up. The Quicktheme is the better part of the action launcher which is responsible for the function of this whole method. We have embedded the whole method in an easiest possible way such that every user could be able to grasp the information out of it. We hope that you people would also have liked the information in this article. Please provide us with your valuable suggestions and opinions related to this post by using the comments section below. Do share up the post to as many people as you can, at last thank you for reading on this page!


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