VLC Media Player is now banned in India, which seems to restrict accessing its website and following the download link.

At the same time, it is still working in the country and is also available to download from some major stores.

As many reports suggest, this ban is not a new action by the Indian Government; actually, this ban took place many months ago, nearly six months ago, which means maybe in February.

Here’s VLC Media Player Ban Story

Here's VLC Media Player Ban Story
VLC on Windows Store

We all know how popular VLC Media Player is on Desktops and also across multiple other platforms. On average, every third desktop user uses VLC as the primary media player over the various Windows option.

According to sources, this ban is also the result of the previous 54 Chinese-app prohibitions, which were done at the beginning of this year, but the Ministry hasn’t released any official statement.

And also, it is available to download from the Play Store and App Store, so there is no restriction for mobile devices.

Many users thought that there were any problems with the site or maybe the server was down, but some questions are roaming in many minds and also in my mind too.

Before starting this article, I searched for VLC on the Microsoft store, which appeared without delay. And I tried to download it, and it got installed instantly, as you can see in the screenshot.

This ban was said for desktops, but it is not like that, and I think Government only finds issues with its downloading server and website. Also, it’s working well for those who have already installed it.

Expected Reason For BAN

A website named MediaNama suggested that the Chinese hacking group Cicada used the program to deploy malicious code on target machines, and the group had earlier been spotted running many campaigns.

And for clarity, VLC is not from China, and it is from a France-based group.


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