Vodafone Free Unlimited Free Internet tricks are real or fake but here you find only real. We see Vodafone in many advertisements, we know Vodafone is a very rich and high-speed internet provider company.

Vodafone 3g signals are always better on any phone or PC. So here in this post, we give you free unlimited 3g/2g Internet for Vodafone, this trick works on all android phone and Windows PC. Here we give you a detailed tutorial on how you get free high-speed internet in mobile and pc.

Best Vodafone Free Internet Tricks in 2020 (Step-by-Step Guide)

For Android

First, I start with Android Phone, If you want free Internet in Android Phone you need Droid Vpn Android App. Droid VPN is an android app, meaning you get free Internet for any sim with this android app.

  1. Download the DroidVPN android app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open DroidVPN in Phone and make your account on DroidVPN.
  3. Now Connect to Any free Server.

If this trick working in your states you get free Internet on Any Vodafone Sim.
My readers told me that this trick is working in almost all states. So Friends enjoy free Internet in Vodafone and don’t forget to thanks TechViral

For PC and Desktop

Android Section finished and now we move on to the PC. For PC you need to download PD-Proxy Software.
PD-proxy provides you free 100MB/daily data. If you want a premium than contact me.

Must Check: How to Use PD Proxy in Windows

  1. Download PD-Proxy software for Windows PC from Official Website.
  2. Start this software and make your account on the PD-proxy website.
  3. Log in with your username and password and connect to demo server 1.

You get free daily limited internet with these tricks. If you want unlimited free internet from PD-proxy to contact me. We feel very great to help you.

Vodafone Free Internet Tricks are really working but the limited Internet, I mean if you want unlimited 3g internet on your phone or Windows PC you need the Premium account. You can contact me for a premium account.

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