How to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10
How to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10

Here are 2 Best Ways to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10 that will help you to have an awesome experience of the 360-degree video playing in your windows 10, So follow the tutorial to proceed.

360-degree videos are awesome, through these videos you could look for any device on the internet, you could watch any scene or movie, etc. and all that looks like realistic when viewed. For this reason, the craze for 360-degree videos has gained much popularity among the people throughout the world. Although the users are pretty known with the fact that these sort of videos can only be opened and viewed with the specified media players only, even the windows ten media player, i.e., the latest operating system from Microsoft doesn’t support the 360-degree videos. To play these videos on the Windows 10, some preferred ways have to be followed, or some method has to be applied. Here in this article, we have written about the method through using which the users of Windows 10 could be able to watch up to the 360-degree videos on their devices without any problems and issues and also with full compatibility. If you are looking for the method to set your Windows 10 for watching 360-degree videos then you are exactly at the right place, the method we have written is potent for the purpose described. You just go and read out the whole article given below so as to know about the method!

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Best Media Players to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10

We are not going to apply any method with the Windows 10 actually, but we are going to describe you some of the media players and their settings and options for playing the 360-degree videos.

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#1 Freeware GOM Player

Media Players to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10
Media Players to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10

This is the best available free software or the media player for the Windows that could play up the 360-degree videos. The process is simple after the usual installation of this app opens it up by selecting some permissions and then choose up the file to open it. Once the file is chosen, it could easily be played through the player. If you wish to have some more control over the quality of the video playing, then there are numerous options and settings inside the preferences for this app. Overall at free of cost, this app is the best option available right now to play up the 360-degree videos with complete ease and controls, and for Windows platform, this could be a fragile option!

#2 Video 360 Windows Store App

Media Players to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10
Media Players to Watch 360 Degree Videos on Windows 10

This is claimed to be the first 360-degree app out there on the Windows Store! You could notice then how latest is the trend for the 360-degree videos and hence much least options would be out there for playing these sort of videos. Fortunately, the Windows Store have got the app, and now the users could enjoy playing their videos. Zooming, panning, pinching/swiping, etc. are some of the basic features that this app provides for the video playback functionality and apart from that some of the advanced features are available too inside this app!

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Therefore you have now got about the method through which the 360-degree videos could be easily viewed on the Windows 10 which by default doesn’t have any such compatible app for the purpose. This method is very simple to apply as you might have got up from the article, and there is no such advanced requirement for the same method described. Hope you might have liked this method and tried it on your device, but if you haven’t tried it still then goes now and tries it up!


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