Learn how to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously using one chrome extension that will help you to easily explore story anonymously. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstagram is one of the best social media platforms out there, the style of this network is that the users could post the media on their wall. This is all similar to the Facebook while the users here in Instagram gets the chance to upload the images or the videos. One more function for this social media is that the users could post their stories, that is anything in form of a video which could be the selfie video etc. These stories make up the great part of the Instagram and the user flow go to share their own stories. the users those who view anyone’s stories are identified to the posting user. Sometimes the users might not wish to reveal whether if they have viewed any of the stories for anyone, this option is not yet available on Instagram. No matter if the option to become anonymous over the Instagram isn’t available for the users, this same function could be obtained through the simple method. In this article, we have written about the method or the way through which any of the users could be able to watch the Instagram stories anonymously. If you are interested to know about that method then you will have to read the whole article given below. The whole of the method is explained below in the main part of this article. So let’s get started for now with the main part of the article!

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How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

The method is quite simple and you just need to add one google chrome extension and then you need to follow the simple step by step guide that we had discussed just right below.

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Steps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously:

#1 We must inform you first that to begin up using this method you will require the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer device and the whole procedure will then take over inside it. So once you have the chrome browser installed on your device you could begin up with the other steps of the method.

#2 Now open up the Chrome web browser on your device, simply log on to the extensions section for the browser. Here you could see that there is a number of add-ons for the browser. Like to these add-ons, you will have to download and install another add-on named Chrome IG Story. You can look up this extension for the browser internet and hence download it all from the chrome store there.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously
Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

#3 After adding this extension to the browser you will see that there would be this extension listed in the browser extensions page. If it is there then you have successfully installed the extension unless try to get it again. Log in to the Instagram account by visiting the official website in chrome browser. Once you are logged in to your account please head to the next step.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously
Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

#4 On logging in to your account you would see that there will be an icon for the extension you just installed in this method, this would be placed on the top taskbar on the right-hand side. Click on the icon and then you will see that you would be able to download all your friend’s stories and hence watch then in offline. There are the dedicated options in the extension which you could be able to access the icon and hence get the benefits.

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This was really easy to get the anonymous firewall over the Instagram social platform and hence to begin viewing the stories without just recognized for doing so anyhow. All of the possible information about the method is conveyed to you and now you are able to become anonymous over the social media. Hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article, you would have got benefitted out of the information of this post. Just share your views about the article and for that please log on to the comments section below.


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