Torrent websites were mostly used for downloading movies and TV Shows. Yes, many users use it in legitimate ways, but mainly it’s used to download pirated content.

If you often download movies from Torrent, you may know that the video plays only when the torrent download completes. You can’t play the movie until it reaches the 100% mark.

What if I tell you that you can watch torrent movies without downloading them? Let’s say you don’t want to store the movie on your device; rather, you want to watch it. In such cases, you can watch Torrent movies without downloading them.

Steps to Watch Torrent Movies Without Downloading

Hence, if you are interested in watching torrent movies without downloading, here we have shared a working method for you. Here’s how you can watch Torrent movies without downloading.

1. First, download and install the roxplayer on your PC, click on the File menu, and select the Open Torrent option. It will show you three options from which you have to choose the Torrent Magnet Link option.

2. You need to head to the torrent site and download the torrent file on your computer.

3. Now, open the ROX Player and go to File > Open Torrent >  Open Torrent File.

Open Torrent File

4. You must locate your downloaded torrent file and open it.

locate your downloaded torrent file

5. After a few seconds, you will see the files in the torrent; select the main movie file and double-click on it. Rox player takes around 3-4 minutes to play the video.

select the main movie

6. That’s it! You are done, now the file will start playing, and you can easily check the quality of the torrent file.

the file will start playing

So, these are some of the easy steps that will let you watch Torrent movies without downloading. If you need more help watching torrent movies without downloading them, let us know in the comments below.


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