Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms are home to many acronyms and abbreviations. If you rely on social networking platforms or instant messaging apps to communicate with your friends, you may have come across many acronyms & abbreviations until now.

While understanding most acronyms, abbreviations, and slang may be easy, some may require a little bit of research. Sometimes, you may need clarification in understanding specific acronyms or abbreviations used on a chat.

Recently, a few Snapchat users have messaged us asking about What Does DSB Means on Snapchat? If you have just encountered the same word, continue reading the guide until the end. This article will discuss what ‘DSB’ means on Snapchat and how you can use it.

What Does ‘DSB’ Mean on Snapchat?

What Does 'DSB' Mean on Snapchat?

DSB on Snapchat is basically an acronym or a fancy word that young adults use. Snapchat users mainly use it to maintain some form of communication with their friends.

We termed ‘DSB’ a fancy word because it’s not used for anything specific. Snapchat users mostly use it to get their friend’s attention in a fun way. DSB on Snapchat stands for ‘Don’t Snap Back’.

To understand this acronym, imagine your Snapchat friend is not in the mood to chat with you, but instead of ignoring you, they sent you ‘DSB,’ which stands for ‘Don’t Snap Back’.

This means your Snapchat friend doesn’t want to chat but can accept the snaps. Snapchat users mainly use ‘DSB’ when they don’t want to converse but want to maintain the Snap Streaks. So, you can take the person sending you DSB who doesn’t want a reply; they are just trying to boost their Snapscore.

How to Use ‘DSB’ on Snapchat?

Since DSB on Snapchat doesn’t have any specific use, you can use it wherever you feel like not participating in a conversation. For example, you can say, ‘DSB, I’m driving’.

You can also send a photo of what you’re doing and say, ‘Hi, it was a very busy day! DSB’. Or simply, if you need a break, you can say, ‘Need some me-time today, so DSB!’

Below, we have mentioned some more examples that show the use of ‘DSB’ on Snapchat. Check the examples:

Just wanted to say hello, but I’m in a meeting, so DSB.

I just got a pet, DSB, while I enjoy with him.

Watching a Movie tonight, so sending a quick DSB

I just reached home, feeling tired, DSB!

DSB, I’m upset!

It’s a Netflix time, so DSB!

Out for a walk, enjoying the nature, DSB!

How Do You Respond to DSB?

DSB stands for Don’t Snap Back, and the best way to respond to it is by giving no reply. If you received DSB, the sender probably wants you not to reply.

So, giving the sender a few hours before you return a snap is best. Or you can wait until your friend starts conversing with you.

So, this guide is all about what DSB means on Snapchat and how you respond to it. We have also shared a few examples showcasing the use of DSB on Snapchat. Let us know if you need more help understanding DSB.


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