As many of you already know, since the last few years the developers of the well-known and most used instant messaging application, of course, I am talking about the WhatsApp have worked very hard to bring the best features to the application. However, according to the latest reports, the most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp, is to get these ultimate new features.

WhatsApp To Get These Ultimate New Features

The well-known instant messaging app, WhatsApp is one of the best and most used instant messaging applications available, but there is always opening for developments and new features, especially in terms of security and privacy of each chat or conversation.

Yes, Something that was missing on this platform, of course, WhatsApp compared to some of its alternatives and the interesting thing is that this is the new feature that is currently being tested.

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Hence, to guard all your chats the well-known instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp is already testing a new protection feature. According to the new data published by WaBetaInfo, in the latest beta version 2.19.3, we already have references in the source code to this new security feature.

However, it must be said that this functionality is not yet available to any users, not even in beta versions, maybe WhatsApp wants to push this security feature to all its users gradually.

WhatsApp To Get These Ultimate New Features

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As in the first phase, we already saw signs that TouchID and FaceID would be used to protect the chat windows for the iOS platform. And this same function will also arrive on the Android platform as well just like iOS.

According to the source, you can use the fingerprint reader of your Android or iOS smartphone simply and not only that even in the same way, you can also apply a PIN code, password, and other locking and protection methods as well simply to enhance the security system.

After applying this new protection feature, whenever you open or access WhatsApp you will have to authenticate yourself. Moreover, even if you receive a WhatsApp notification, you will need to authenticate to see your content.

While this security system does not prevent WhatsApp from eventually applying this new method of protection to each individual chat window. However, for now, we only have to wait for the arrival of these new features to the stable versions of the application for Android and iOS.

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Moreover, we still have news in terms of audio and multimedia files and in this case, we will have a new look for the file selector as well. Something that will become visible whenever you select an audio file to send any of your contacts.

Hence, the current appearance should be revamped with a more modern look. In summary, the new update will simply bring a good range of functions that should reach both the platforms Android and iOS. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.



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