Today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Cloud API for WhatsApp businesses globally at Meta’s Conversations live event. Now, WhatsApp has finally concluded why it was a free messaging app for a long time.

Previously, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that might allow group participants to leave the group chats silently for Android and iOS in the future.

Last year, Meta-owned WhatsApp showed this new Cloud API, a cloud-based developer tool of the WhatsApp Business API, which is now believed to be WhatsApp’s foremost revenue-generating outcome. Still, it relies on its parent company Meta.

WhatsApp Will Soon Help Businesses With its New Cloud API

WhatsApp Will Soon Help Businesses With its New Cloud API

With this Cloud API, the WhatsApp messaging app’s business account will go easier for both big and small businesses. The Cloud API will allow companies and developers to respond quickly with an automated system to manage more precisely and customize your customer’s experience better than before.

Last year, it was also tested by Meta but without the Cloud, the version to customize automated messages or any other functionality for customers. Still, after more testing, it ends with adding Cloud API to keep the system fast & nonreliable.

Also, the Event’s orator Mark Zuckerberg, expressed that Cloud API’s secure Cloud hosting services will be provided by Meta to annihilate expensive server fees.

But, the notable point here is this is free, so the answer is no. There would be a set of features that can be bought as like kind of monthly subscription or fees. And it will include a bunch of features like the capability to manage business account chats across up to 10 devices.

The package will also possess the new customizable WhatsApp “click-to-chat links” that help businesses to manage and tempt customers with their online presence by integrating with Meta’s other platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

The company will disclose more details of this Premium service like charges and other abilities for WhatsApp Business app users later, maybe at the end of this month.


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