The messaging service WhatsApp is one of the favorite forms of mobile users to communicate. There were problems for users of different regions. It was a trending topic on Twitter.

The messaging service WhatsApp, one of the favorite mobile users to communicate, suffered failures in different parts of the world during the afternoon of December 31. There were problems for users of other regions. It was a trending topic on Twitter.

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Through Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, users complained of difficulties. The partial inconveniences affected users from different countries so. WhatsApp did not work in New Year 2016; within hours of the New Year and the traditional greeting of midnight, the messaging app that has hundreds of millions of users worldwide was swept away.

WhatsApp Does Not Work on New Year 2016 Eve

A WhatsApp spokesman in the newspaper reported that there were problems for about 45 minutes and that the service had been restored. Anyway, shortly after, there was another fall.

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After reporting the existence of a problem on its servers through a tweet, technicians on WhatsApp were immediately put to work by restoring the service in about an hour and announcing the resumption at the total capacity of WhatsApp starting at about 18, always through a tweet.

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Whatsapp is down just hours before the end of the year. The instant messaging service stopped working for several minutes from approximately 17:40, then later in the evening to the despair of thousands of users worldwide that have passed on the social network with the hashtag #whatsappdown to complain about the “inefficiency”.

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Many have had to say goodbye to the little messages greeting friends and family, folding on SMS or Facebook. Someone joked: “And now as we do? We have to go back to talking.”

In the evening came a comment by the company, owned by Facebook, “We are working to bring the service up and running for all users.”