This year, the instant messaging app Whatsapp has worked on many new features, and most of them are available for beta users. Also, multiple features are rolled out for everyone.

The latest feature comes out for Desktop, which is still in the beta version. Whatsapp is rolling out “Request Account Info on Desktop.” With the help of this feature, you can ask for your account information.

The update is rolling out to WhatsApp Desktop beta Whatsapp is also working on the rick link previews to share as text status updates.

Get Whatsapp Account Info on Desktop Beta

Get Whatsapp Account Info on Desktop Beta

A few years ago, the feature was introduced as a part of GDPR regulations. So it has a comprehensive report of some information, including your privacy settings, device details, and activity information.

If you want to get your account information right now, then update your Whatsapp desktop beta version. Once you request, the report will be ready in 3 days. However, to download it, you will have to wait for a few more weeks.

You can check if the feature is enabled for your device or not. In the Whatsapp settings, you will see a new option called “Request Account Info.” If this option is visible, it means you can get information about your account.

Whatsapp is releasing this feature now to all the beta version users. So if you are a beta user, get the latest update and try out the feature.

Recently, Whatsapp launched WhatsApp Business Cloud API and other services. With this Cloud API, the business account will go easier for both big and small businesses. The companies and developers can quickly respond with an automated system to manage everything.

Other Premium services like subscription charges and another thing for the Business app will be announced later this month.


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