Microsoft latest operating system is now 270 Million Active users strong. It was launched 8 months ago, the software giant said on Wednesday.

Windows 10 is Now Having 270 Million Active Users

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President, Terry Myerson announced the number at Microsoft yearly gathering for developers in San Francisco. Windows 10 is proving to be getting more popular than its predecessor Windows 8.

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“In the eight months since launch, Windows 10 is off to the fastest start in Windows history, with over 270 million active devices, outpacing Windows 7 in the same timeframe by 145%. People are spending more time on Windows than ever before – over 75 billion hours – with the highest customer satisfaction of any version of Windows” states Microsoft Blog.

Microsoft Windows 10 is breaking records of its previous operating systems rapidly especially its predecessor. Initially, when Windows 10 was first launched, it recorded 14 Million upgrades in its first day of launch and crossed to 75 Million within first month, 110 Million installs by October and 200 Million Installs by January. Developers are considering to build Universal Windows Platform [UWP] apps for the Windows Store which they expect to get a boost as the install base is quite large of Windows 10 and is still growing rapidly.

The reason for the rapid growth of the Windows 10 is very simple, it was released in July 2015 and made free to users who download it during its first year, however Enterprise customers need to pay for Windows 10.

Myerson said, new upgrade will be released this summer as anniversary upgrade, it will be free for users who are already using Windows 10. Before the launch, he said that his target is to witness 1 Billion devices running on Windows 10 within few years.

Technology research firm IDC is predicting that smartphones running on Windows OS will constitute only 1.6% of the the global market this year, compared to 83% running on Android and 15% running on iOS.

Microsoft is having issues with its wide range of apps which work on Windows Mobile as they straggle behind those on Android and iOS, which makes them less tempting to buyers. However, very few developers are interested to make apps for Windows Devices.

Microsoft during its developer conference also announced that it has also gave an update on its Holo-Lens augmented-reality technology which ships to developers on Monday.

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