According to the survey approximately, 52 % of women use their smartphone for four hours a day and they tend to feel insecure if they couldn’t use their smartphones for a while. Which in results affecting their mental health

Women more addicted to smartphones than men finds Study

As most of us believe that addiction to computers, machines and technology smartphones has traditionally been a problem for men. However, according to Chang Jae-Yeon the professor of Ajou University reported that women are more likely to become a smartphone addict if compared to men. The report was based on a 2013 survey where 1,236 students are involved from six colleges in South Korea.

The survey found that approximately 52 percent of women used their smartphone for four hours a day compared to the 29.4 percent of men who used smartphones on the same patterns, On the other hand 23 percent of women and only 11 percent of men found to use their smartphones more than six hours of day that is enough to drain the whole battery.

Chang Jae- Yeon described that

“We expect adolescents are likely to show similar results. Female users are advised to consciously put their phones out of their reach from time to time”

The Korea Times reported that women mostly use their Smartphones to access social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram because devices have now became more than handy to reach someone via phone calls or playing games and some previous studies also showed that more womens are registered with facebook compared to men.

Chang Jae- Yeon here mentioned

“Women desires for networking and communication are far stronger than men’s, which drive them to become more dependent on social network service (SNS) via their smartphones.”

The more amazing thing is survey also revealed that approximately 37.2% of women tends to check their handsets very often even while talking to other people whereas, men use their smartphones only during their spare time. It is also stated that 20.1% of women starts to feel insecure if they couldn’t use their Smartphone for a while compared to only 8.9 percent of men in the survey.

According to the professor of Ajou University, the survey reports indicate that the tendency to depend on Smartphones in women is more than 10 percent compared to men. And the researcher also added that for many women, addiction to their Smartphone was not a good sign and is affecting their mental health


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