We all know very well that the Google Glass project was secretly conceived by the tech giant Google in 2006 and was launched in 2013, but, later the tech giant Google closed this project. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google’s well-known smart glass, of course, Google Glass is back with AI.

WoW! Google Glass Is Back With AI

The Google Glass project was secretly conceived by the tech giant Google in 2006 and was launched in 2013. These futuristic glasses made it possible to perform and view a series of commands on its lens. It was a project too advanced for its time and ended up being discontinued by the tech giant Google.

Despite the fact that the Google Glass project “disappeared” does not mean that this project has died. Last week, Israeli software company Plataine demonstrated a new application for this device. After all, the tech giant Google’s well-known Google Glass lives and is getting smarter.

Plataine is a company whose mission is to develop intelligent industrial software based on IoT. This new tool they have developed, a company software and Google Glass, is aimed at factory workers who can talk with their glasses and receive verbal responses from them.

The Israeli company’s application points to a future where Glass is enhanced with artificial intelligence, making it more functional and easy to use. With customers such as GE, Boeing, and Airbus, Plataine is also working to add image recognition capabilities to its software.

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The company displayed its Glass technology at a conference in San Francisco dedicated to the cloud computing business of the tech giant Google; the company’s application was built using AI services provided by the tech giant Google’s cloud division and with the support of the research giant.

The tech giant Google is betting on marketing its artificial intelligence to third parties. It’s a new strand for technology when it was initially thought out and developed for its own business to drive its customers away from competitors like Amazon and Microsoft.

Jennifer Bennett, technical director of the Google Cloud department, said that adding Google’s cloud services to Glass could help make this device a revolutionary tool for employees in situations where a laptop or smartphone would not make sense.

“Many of you probably remember Google Glass from the days of consumption – they’re back again. Glass has become a really interesting technology for the company,” she said the person in charge of Google who started smiles when presenting the project of the Plataine.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

This session happened about a year after the tech giant Google abandoned its attempt to sell the project to the consumer. Glass is a device that, given its features, its screen and camera always pointed to where the user is looking, raised a lot of questions and generated controversial opinions about privacy.

Instead of “killing” the project, the tech giant Google designed this gadget as a business tool under the name Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Pilot projects involved Boeing workers using Google Glass on helicopter production lines, and doctors using the equipment in the examination room.

In practice, this device will allow a worker to use Plataine hardware and software for help. It was demonstrated in the event that a worker entered a warehouse and could say “Help me select materials”. The software would respond, verbally and on the display, with what materials needed and where they could be found.

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The actions of a worker can be immediately visible to factory bosses, synchronized with the software that Plataine already provides to customers, as it does with Airbus, which can monitor production operations in real time.

The head of Google left indications that the tech giant Google is working on projects and products where Google Glass is an integral part as well as the Google Cloud.

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