Youtube has earlier started experimenting with a new feature for its premium subscription holders, but it wasn’t such a new feature, although YouToube has picked a feature that is already available for Free.

But there is no need to worry about it because YouTube has made it official that they have already shut down this experiment completely, and it might be because of the backlash they faced.

Did Backlash Forced YouTube To Drop Limiting 4K Videos?

Did Backlash Forced YouTube To Drop Limiting 4K Videos?

At the beginning of this month, we covered a report from a Reddit leak that mentioned YouTube is running an experiment to allow 4K video quality for paid subscription holders only.

Yesterday someone’s tweet asked YouTube that “What if you don’t force your premium sub to watch 4k content”. YouTube was just playing a little Q&A game, but it replied to that question.

And it said they have completely turned off 4K videos limiting experiments so that every viewer is now allowed to see supported videos in 4K quality resolution, even they are subscription holders or not.

Now there might be a question in your mind why YouTube has shut down this experiment, so its answer is very simple when YouTube started this experiment, many users were affected.

And users who noted this change are using YouTube from around all major devices, such as mobile, Desktops, and smart TVs. And it became a major problem for viewers who have a large screen and don’t compromise with the video quality.

They all criticized YouTube on Reddit and Twitter for planning to limit 4K videos behind the paywall, and this might be the reason for YouTube to close this experiment.

Also, this is not a surety from the company that they won’t experiment with it in the future; maybe they will.

Besides, Google-owned YouTube has also operating experiments on advertisements whose impact is hinting that in the future, we will see five short ads at the beginning of the video.


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