Indian Hackers Attacked Pakistan Using Spear Phishing
Indian Hackers Attacked Pakistan Using Spear Phishing

Indian hackers hacked into several servers and web deep coding programme – from onwards 2015 between India and Pakistan – they have many conflicts for hacking each others officials or government websites.

These hacking group presently hacked 200 Pakistani and defence websites from last two months, they also targeted some of the West Asian Countries in which they also hacked UAE officials sites… Currently, there are two ongoing top hackers from India namely Shakti Campaign and the VVV who actually does all this attacks to Pakistan and UAE.

This information regarding the hacked websites in two nations represented by one of the members from Shakti Campaign who have told ET this week. It also revealed that the investigator from this countries are presuming that the hackers from India are been appointed by Indian Government and thus they may start their campaign for Indian authority too.

Indian Hackers Attacked Pakistani Defence Site Using Spear Phishing

One of the Hacking Group as Shakti Campaign who earlier in 2010 was shut down but again reappear from last one years and now currently operational, the government have not provided any warrant for this hackers but still they anticipating to keep their allocation and identity hidden.

As our previous post that Spear Phishing becoming very popular for the hackers – in which they sent email with a malicious file attachment to the targeted victim to gain the certain unauthorised access to the computer, the email can be in the name of any popular officials websites such as “Microsoft”, example: Hacker sent the malicious file attach with the displayed name of popular sites such as Microsoft or Google and with that after opening or clicking to the file, soon after one minute computer will be fully under control to the hackers.

Kaspersky Lab principal security researcher – a global research and analysis Kurt Baumgartner said in a blog post: “These attacks have been investigated by our research and security team and with the investigation it was found that some of the websites of news agencies have been compromised as spoofed clicks.”

Basically, Kaspersky lab headquarters based at Moscow from the research team it said that UK is one of the largest in cyber software security told to ET.

In last two months ago two of the private bank have been under attacked by Pakistani hacker, and this confliction is in continuous process between an Indian and Pakistani hacker, the both eventually hacking their opponent countries official and government websites with basically using DDoS attacks.

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Both of the hacking group as Shakti and VVV are working hard to gain valuable information from other countries such as Europe and Western Asia, Shakti basically sends news articles with pornographic display to attract the target to lick on the links, and another hacking group as VVV sends smartphone application such as Android and iOS based application to the target.


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