Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone
Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone

Now you can easily Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone using the simple method that will help you to send the attachments right from your iOS device. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is extremely easy to add the attachments in Gmail on the desktop version website of this social mail service and we believe that the users would be able to do that. Yet this was all that we talked about the desktop version of the Gmail but what about the smartphones? Is it similarly easier to add the attachments to the Gmail inside the iPhone? Basically, you must be knowing that this is not at all easier because the iPhone doesn’t have the accurate app for the purpose of the great Gmail client app is missing on the iPhone. It is not condemned to say that there can be needed to share the attachments through the Gmail on the iPhone also, so it should be some best way known to the iPhone users through which they can utilize to add the attachments. Users would not get the direct easy way to add the attachments inside the Gmail on the iPhone device while there are to be some ways followed for the purpose. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the method through which you can be able to share the attachments through the Gmail directly through the iPhone only, and there shall be no extra steps required for the purpose. If you are interested to know about the way for the method being discussed above then just read this whole information below in this article till the end!

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How to Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone

Attach Images or Documents:

These are the most common types of files that the users tend to share through the mailing. Gmail for the iPhone has the support for the sharing of the files through the easy clicks. To start sharing the files with the Gmail, simply click on the Pen button floating in the bottom corner of the Gmail App screen. This will help you make a new email, just fill in the details for the sender email, tap on the paper clip icon and then choose the image or the document file which you wish to share. The gallery would reveal to you and hence you could be able to select the files out of it. After making the selection save the image or just make it done through the Popups. Send the email and That’s all!

Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone
Add Attachments in Gmail for the iPhone

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Anonymous File Types

Maybe you could require sharing some different kind of files through the Gmail so you must also be knowing the way to share the files through this service. Now to attach the other file types to the Gmail inside the iPhone you have to download the file directly to the Gmail. Think of you are downloading the file and you are asked for the kind of storage option. Simply choose the Gmail and you will be all done. The file will be attached to the new message and you would be able to share it with anyone.

In other browsers too, you may get the option to share up the files to the Gmail in the same way but we basically feel the UC browser to be best for this activity. If you can utilize it then it will be the best unless you can go with the other browser options too.

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Attachments make the way for the actual transfer of files and documents with any other type of formats, all done safely and straightforward under one screen only. Gmail has this facility for the users from much time and it is now the time for the iPhone users to utilize it in more than efficient way. This doesn’t mean that the same was not able to be done through the iPhone, while it was already there but the process was not smooth. Just utilize the method of this article and hence get the benefits out of it. If you feel that the information provided in this article is enough to make up for the required task then support our work by sharing it over to as many users as possible. Share your opinions and suggestions regarding the post through the comments section below!


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