Today we came up with a trick to help you browse your Mozilla Firefox in night mode. This will be very convenient for you to browse easily in your browser at night. So follow the below guide to proceed.

Millions of users worldwide use Mozilla Firefox as their default browser on their computers. This browser implements loads of characteristics to its users in the form of the immense collection of extensions that have been made for it till now. These extensions are remarkably cool and make this browser more user-friendly. Now talking about the night mode vision.

The mode helps to view the screen letters calmly in the night dark light. This will be very convenient for you to browse easily in your browser at night. Proceed with the method below.

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How To Add Night Mode On Firefox Browser

This process is based on a simple firefox add-on that will insert all your browser colors and make them perfect to work at night. This will also be healthy for your eyes, affecting them less than the bright white light. Proceed with the below steps to proceed.

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1. First, you need a cool extension that is Dark Background and Light Text in your Firefox Browser. Download and add this browser by clicking add button there and then installing it on your browser.

Add Night Dark Mode On Firefox Browser

2. As soon as you install this extension in your browser, you will see that your browser color will change and a night mode will get enabled there, try to browse sites to feel the difference.

Add Night Dark Mode On Firefox Browser

3. Now you will see button at the top right corner, which is to turn on and off the extension or, say, dark night mode.

4. That’s it! You are done. Now you will have firefox night mode or firefox dark theme, and you can easily use it to work at night.

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New Method to Add Dark Mode On Firefox (firefox quantum dark theme)

If you are using the latest version of Firefox, or Firefox Quantum, you can easily enable the night mode. The best thing about this method is that you can enable night mode on Firefox running on any operating system without using any third-party app. So, let’s know how to enable the latest dark mode or add a firefox dark background.

1. Open your Firefox Browser and go through Menu > Add-Ons.

Add Dark Mode On Firefox

2. Now, under the Add-ons menu, you need to click on the Themes, as shown in the below screenshot.

Add Dark Mode On Firefox

3. Under the Theme menu, you will see three pre-installed themes – Default, Dark, and Light.

Add Dark Mode On Firefox

4. To enable the dark mode, you need to enable the ‘Dark’, which is usually disabled.

That’s it, you are done! If you have enabled the Sync feature, the new theme will be synchronized on other devices you’ve signed into Firefox.

With this, you can comfortably browse at night, and it could also minimize the negative impacts on your eyes at night. You can also enjoy the cool browsing experience at night. I hope you like this effective trick, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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