Airtel takes the telecom competition to a brand new level by launching its V-Fiber Superfast broadband service which can deliver the speed up to 100Mbps.

Airtel Launches V-Fiber Broadband Service With Speed Up to 100Mbps

Back in October this year, Airtel wanted to take the telecom competition to a brand new level by launching its V-Fiber Superfast Broadband service. The service started to roll out in Chennai at first, and the company had claimed that it will be rolled out to Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru very shortly.

Airtel’s V-Fiber service promised to deliver the speed up to 100Mbps on regular broadband lines. Any existing Airtel broadband users will not have to pay any additional charges on their monthly rental plans for using this service.

Existing Airtel broadband users just need to spend some extra cash on a compatible modem. However, Airtel hasn’t yet discussed anything regarding the price details of the new V-Fiber compatible modems, but it claims that if any customer didn’t feel satisfied with the service, then Airtel will refund it to the customers.

The company claimed that V-Fiber networks don’t need to dig up roads or re-wire, instead, the company will boost the last mile copper connectivity through Vectorization which is a “Noise Elimination Technology”. So, if you need to know about V-Fiber plans then the plans starts from Rs.899 and the company claims that subscribers can avail a 3-month unlimited offer. If you are interested, you can register for V-Fiber services via the company’s dedicated site.

Right now, the V-Fiber Broadband service comes to Mumbai and will be rolled out to all cities that have Airtel’s broadband service soon. Sameer Batra, Chief Executive Officer, Bharti Airtel said:

“We are delighted to bring ‘V-Fiber’ to our customers in Mumbai, as part of our endeavor to deliver best-in-class broadband experience to users. With ‘V-Fiber’, we are all set to offer an altogether transformed experience on our future ready network to the digitally savvy homes. This solution offers a very quick and convenient upgrade to the customer. Our innovative myHome Rewards program and free voice calling facility will certainly add to the delight of Mumbai’s Digital Homes.”

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