Anonymous menaced presidential candidate Donald Trump after he made a responsive statement against banning Muslims from entering the U.S Anonymous took down the Trump Tower website in December. 11, 2015.

The activities group Anonymous openly on its Youtube Channel said it took down the Trump Tower website this Friday; Anonymous had warned already before hacking into the website and asked presidential candidate Donald Trump to take down his statement on regards to banning Muslims from entering the U.S.

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From the media report in New York it said that the site is unavailable on Friday afternoon, which runs for an hour, the New York Times said. The same day at 9 a.m, Anonymous claimed the activity via Twitter account @YourAnonNews. The tweets are about the group that takes down the Donald Trump Tower website.

Anonymous Says it Took Down Trump Tower Website

In the tweet from Anonymous, the youtube like also been posted in which Anonymous condemned Trump’s recent statements calls for a temporary ban on Muslims to enter into the U.S territory, in reply from Anonymous said, Trump’s statement will provoke other Muslims to join IS it will help the IS group to recruit as terrorist.

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In the video Anonymous suggest strong suggestion to Donald Trump said “You should think twice before you speak anything,”, Anonymous hacked into the site to an organisation from Donald Trump, the Trump Tower a 68-story mixed purpose used building in the middle of Manhattan. Donald Trump is also the president and chairman of International real-estate company at present.

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anonymous basically working on Anti-terrorist and they do not want any Muslims to join ISIS, Anonymous already hacked thousands of online source and Twitter account of ISIS, Anonymous reportedly saying about how they are engaged in a cyber war against terrorist and if this types of statement comes from State representative [Donald Trump] makes all our fault.

Donald Trump earlier this week have given an unusual statement in regards of increasing tension in terrorist activity, Donald Trump said, “The U.S should ban on entering Muslims in U.S territory to prevent terror attacks until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on”.

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The comment from Donald Trump was extremely made international criticism in the U.S. perhaps in other support of polls found by the WSJ and NBC that about 57 percent of the Americans are disagreed with the statement.

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